Gambler's Guide to NFL Pool Strategy


NFL survivor and pick 'em pools have been incredibly popular in the last decade, and millions of gambling football fans will enter again before NFL Week 1 kicks off. 

To help listeners get a leg up this season, Action Network host Brandon Glasheen is joined by two of the leading experts in the strategy and game theory behind NFL pool play. 

Action Network veteran Travis Reed has been writing weekly pool strategy guides for over a half decade. And friend of the podcast Jason Lisk is from PoolGenius, which has become the top-rated source for algorithmic NFL pool picks and strategy, offering the most in-depth, customizable NFL pool advice anywhere. 

Together the trio walks through optimal strategies for both survivor and pick 'em pools, and explains why most participants "aren't playing the game they think they're playing."

And for any listeners looking for an advantage in their pools this season, you can access a free trial of Pool Genius for NFL Week 1 by heading to, where you can also receive up to 55% off a season subscription. 

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