Free Agency News, Rumors & Analysis (aka The Antonio Brown Podcast)


Matthew Freedman and Ian Hartitz break down looming NFL Free Agency, focusing heavily on Antonio Brown’s trade to the Oakland Raiders. They break down what the deal means for AB’s fantasy stock and speculate on what his absence may mean for remaining pieces of the Steelers offense. Our experts break down top free agents for each skill position group, including speculation on Nick Foles to the Jags, Le’Veon Bell to the Jets, and more. Antonio Brown to the Raiders (1:56) Fallout for Steelers Players (8:16) Free Agents Who Have Already Signed (11:41) Best Available Free Agents (15:11) Le’Veon Bell & Other FA Running Backs (21:16) Wide Receivers (31:42) Tight Ends (40:14) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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