Final NFL Fantasy Rankings w/Yahoo's Brad Evans | The Action Network Sports Betting Podcast


The NFL fantasy draft season is nearly over! To give you all the last second preparation you need, host Matthew Freedman is joined as always by Sean "the Oddsmaker" Koerner and Chris Raybon, along with very special guest Brad Evans of Yahoo! Sports, the Fantasy Record Podcast and the Fantasy Football Hour.    Together the guys discuss the fantasy fallout over the Andrew Luck and Lamar Miller injuries, along with their final Top 5 rankings, top players at each skill position, and the players they're most invested in this draft season.   And be sure to check out all the NFL fantasy content The Action Network team has to offer now, before it's too late:   TIME CODES Luck fallout (6:00) L. Miller fallout (12:00) Evans' Top 5 (16:00) Zeke (16:30) M. Gordon (19:30) Top WRs (25:45) Top TEs (30:30) Most Invested Players (37:10) Stay Away! (49:00)   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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