Fantasy Flex NFL Super Bowl 53 Recap and 2019 Look-Ahead


Matthew Freedman, Sean Koerner and Chris Raybon reflect on the 2018 NFL season and look forward to next year. Freedman bemoans Greg Zuerlein for emptying his kids’ college fund, while our panel of experts discuss their favorite Super Bowl prop bets that hit and missed. They also review the 2018 fantasy season and discuss player rankings for 2019. A special thanks to today’s sponsors, Mack Weldon, Robinhood and Audible. Get a 30-day Audible free trial by visiting, or text ACTION to 500500. Super Bowl Betting Recap (4:13) 2018 NFL Season in Review (19:10) Favorite Sports Betting Moments in 2018 (32:00) 2019 Fantasy Draft Trends & Strategy (36:35) First Round Fantasy Rankings for 2019 (45:07) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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