Fantasy Flex NFL Playoffs - Divisional Round


It is the exciting Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs, which means there are just a handful of NFL games remaining. Matthew Freedman, Peter Jennings, Ian Hartitz and Sean "Oddsmaker" Koerner join forces once again to discuss all the DFS angles of this weekend's four matchups, including the chalk locks, stacks and pivots they love. After talking about all the latest NFL coaching hires, the guys start answering the important questions. With Colts vs Chiefs providing so much stacking potential, will there be any love left over for the Eagles and Saints? Can Peter look at himself in a mirror and honestly say "I like Nyheim Hines again this week"? How good has Antonio Gates gotten at the art of turning around, catching footballs and falling down?  Later we hear a round of Bold Calls and a riveting round of prop bets courtesy of Oddsmaker. So download now and join in on the fun! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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