The Experts Guide to Fantasy Football


There are two kinds of fantasy players: those who have never won it all, and those who want to win it all again. But whatever kind of fantasy player YOU are, this is the episode to take you to the next level. Our hosts Chris Raybon and Sean "The Oddsmaker" Koerner are two of the most respected names in fantasy football today, and Koerner is considered a godfather in the fantasy projections game. 

Together Chris and Sean go through everything expert, experienced and novice fantasy players alike need to internalize and practice to master the art and science of NFL fantasy football. They go through their research and draft process, and discuss ceilings, floors, volatility, rankings, mock drafting and so much more. 

One of our most popular annual episodes, this is an episode that continues to be one of the best examples of The Action Network's wealth of fantasy knowledge, and remains one of its most accessible for players of any skill level. So dive in, enjoy, and leave a champion!

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