Beginner's Guide to Betting WNBA


The WNBA has long been one of the best-kept secrets among sharp sports bettors, with markets that offers ample closing line value for those who follow the league closely. Plus, with a small number of teams, a compact schedule and slow time in the sports calendar, the WNBA offers gamblers of any experience level a great chance to fatten their bankrolls before football season. 

Today, Dano Mataya joins host Brendan Glasheen from Spread the Floor, the betting platform from, which provides some of the very best in women's basketball picks and information, including the latest consolidated injury reports.  Dano is one of the sharpest WNBA bettors around, and you can follow him on Twitter @drmataya and Spread the Floor @spread_thefloor and you can track all your WNBA bets on the award-winning Action Network app. 

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