AFC Win Totals Gambling Guide Part 2


The trifecta of Action Network experts Chris Raybon, Sean Koerner, and Stuckey run through the rest of the AFC in part 2 of the AFC win totals gambling guide. This is the second installment of a very special four-part deep dive into every team in the league. 

By evaluating the strength of schedule, coaching changes, and other betting angles, the trio provide their best bets and takes on why the Texans and Raiders are dumpster fires and if there is value betting on the Broncos to exceed expectations this season. Tune in to hear them debate eight teams within the AFC West and AFC South divisions.


  • Colts (2 min)
  • Titans (9 min)
  • Jaguars (18 min)
  • Texans (29 min)
  • Chiefs (33 min)
  • Chargers (39 min)
  • Broncos (44 min)
  • Raiders (51 min)

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