Action Golf - Wyndham Championship with guest Zack Sucher | Action Network Sports Betting Podcast


Our golf crew welcomes PGA tour member Zack Sucher, who shares his story before he plays in the Wyndham Championship this week. Zack overcame painful injury and years of mounting debt to successfully bet on himself in the world of golf, a heartwarming story for golfers and gamblers alike. Later, our host Jason Sobe joina Peter Jennings and Drew "The Sleeze" Stoltz to break down the field this week as they highlight all the straight-drivers, young guns and matchup plays they're eyeballing. They wrap with a DFS lineup that's sure to please, and give a special shoutout to imaginary Twitter troll Birdiemaker6969. TIME CODES Zack Sucher Interview (0:45) Max Homa Storyline (24:25) Wyndham Preview (32:23) DFS Lineup (45:45) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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