Action Golf - Tour winner Nate Lashley & 3M Open Preview


Fresh from his appearance on The Today Show, hosts Peter Jennings, Jason Sobel and Drew "The Sleeze" Stoltz welcome Rocket Mortgage Classic winner Nate Lashley to the program! The guys discuss the changes in Nate's life since he won his first tour event last week, his upcoming Masters debut, and whether there will ever be a "Mrs. Ashley Lashley." Later Peter, Jason and Sleeze give their full breakdown of the field at the 3M Open in the Twin Cities, where low scores and young guns should rule the day. They finish with a great DFS lineup featuring Charles Howell III, and send us into our holiday weekend with some hot golf action. TIME CODE Nate Lashley (1:00) 3M Open Preview (15:30)     Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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