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To wrap up the PGA season, Jason Sobel and Peter Jennings are joined by Roger Maltbie, five-time winner on the PGA Tour and current on-course analyst for NBC Sports. Roger shares some incredible stories from his time on the Tour, including how he found himself reunited with a lost $40,000 tournament check... several decades later. Later, Jason and Peter present their favorite plays for a small field at the Tour Championship, with Justin Thomas beyond a prohibitive favorite. They give some matchups and fades they're eyeing, and build a DFS lineup that's sure to please. And on behalf of Jason, Peter and an M.I.A. Sleeze (qualifying as we speak!), thanks for listening to our golf episodes this PGA season. The guys will return after football season with more great analysis and plenty of laughs, so enjoy betting pigskin everybody! TIME CODES Maltbie Interview (1:00) Matchup (22:30) DFS (25:30) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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