Action Golf - The Rocket Mortgage Classic w/ CSURAM88, Sobel & Sleeze


Peter Jennings, Jason Sobel and Drew "The Sleeze" Stoltz break down this week's Rocket Mortgage Classic, providing the definitive betting and DFS preview for this new event.  Fresh off giving out a winning Chez Reavie play last week, Drew is once again high on former amateur darling (and future pro stud) Viktor Hovland, the pride of golf fanatics from Oslo to Stillwater. Peter is more bullish on Vaughn Taylor, and Jason joins the gang as they sell hard on Bubba Watson. After the guys give out their favorite plays they finish with a surefire DFS lineup, hopefully capturing some more magic from "The Chez Whisperer" a.k.a. "The Santa Claus of Golf" himself, Drew Stoltz.   Tournament Preview Begins: 9:00 Viktor Hovland vs. Bubba Watson: 13:00 Jennings on V. Taylor: 17:45 DraftKings lineup: 24:00 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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