Action Golf - The Open Championship w/ CSURAM88, Sobel & Sleeze


Better known as the British Open, this major championship is unlike any other. And to bring you the best golf podcast in the gambling universe, we turn to hosts unlike any others.  Peter Jennings, a.k.a. DFS legend CSURAM88, is joined by Action Network senior golf writer Jason Sobel and our beloved pro Drew "The Sleeze" Stoltz to preview all the action from Royal Portrush. Together the guys breakdown the field, highlighting the players they love to win and players they love to fade, as well as matchup plays and subjective angles you won't hear anywhere else this week.  We finish with our best bets of the week, and a surefire DFS lineup that may have you asking for their respective Venmo information before Sunday night.  TIME CODES Matchups (24:37) Matthew Fitzpatrick (25:50) Sleeze Best Bets (41:00) Sobel Best Bets (43:23) DFS Lineup (46:45) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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