Action Golf - John Deere Classic & Early British Betting Preview with Jeff Sherman


With the Open Championship only a week away, hosts Jason Sobel, Drew "The Sleeze" Stoltz and Peter Jennings are joined by Jeff Sherman, V.P. of Risk Management at the Westgate's SuperBook USA.  Known on Twitter as @golfodds for a reason, Sherman provides a behind-the-counter perspective on the action big matchups, young guns, and Tiger Woods have all seen heading into next week's major, before giving out a few plays he's already hit himself. Later, Jason, Peter and Sleeze preview the John Deere Classic, highlighting matchups they love and building a DFS lineup you'll definitely want to tail.  So enjoy the weekend, and be sure to listen when the gang returns next week with a very special guest and our big Open Championship Betting Preview! TIME CODES Jeff Sherman Interview (0:55 - 22:20) Sherman's Best Bets for the British (19:30) John Deere Classic (27:00) DFS Lineup (33:20) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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