AAF Week 5 Breakdown with guest Cynthia Frelund


Matthew Freedman and Ian Hartitz are joined by special guest Cynthia Frelund, Analytics Expert at the NFL Network, to discuss AAF Week 5. Cynthia leverages her data science to offer insight on team power rankings and the AAF’s best offensive and defensive units. Our experts speculate about a changing of the guard between Birmingham running backs Trent Richardson and Brandon Ross. Cynthia also hammers home her love for Sherman Badie, and everyone mixes in some NFL talk by discussing Antonio Brown’s potential landing spots if the Steelers indeed trade their All-Pro receiver. Top Team Units (5:20) Potential NFL Talent on AAF Rosters (12:25) Orlando Apollos at Birmingham Iron (15:05) Salt Lake Stallions at San Diego Fleet (24:22) Memphis Express at Atlanta Legends (32:06) San Antonio Commanders at Arizona Hot Shots (41:41) DFS Strategy (48:03) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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