AAF Week 3 Breakdown with guest Evan Silva


Matthew Freedman and Ian Hartitz are joined by Rotoworld Senior Football Editor Evan Silva to discuss AAF Week 3. Our experts look back at the big trends and takeaways from the first two weeks of the regular season. They debate whether or not the Birmingham Iron and San Antonio Commanders are for real and explain why the Salt Lake City Stallions could surprise some people this week. They also discuss what Carolina Hurricanes’ owner Tom Dundon’s $250M investment means for the future of the AAF. And, is Trent Richardson a must-start in Fanball DFS? Thoughts on Tom Dundon (2:10) Early-Season Takeaways (5:31) Week 3 Preview: Saturday Games (13:32) Week 3 Preview: Sunday Games (29:54) Fanball Daily Fantasy Strategy (41:44) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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