NFL Week 1 - Line Movements and Betting Strategies


Week 1 of the NFL season has arrived! Action Network staff writers Brandon Anderson and Raheem Palmer cover the important line movements, injuries, and late-breaking news that could impact your betting strategies this week. Fans are back in the stands, and Palmer gives his view on home-field advantage and how it could factor into line movements and officiating. 

The guys discuss which of the three starting rookie quarterbacks (Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, and Mac Jones) will come away with a victory in their debut. And, why the Colts are in trouble as home underdogs, and if the New Orleans Saints survive their home/road matchup against the visiting Green Bay Packers. 

Be sure to listen in as they debut their new weekly betting segments, The Hot Read and Plus Money. The Hot Read gives a look-ahead of early lines to beat the public for the best value and Plus Money offers their best weekly bets and longshot futures at plus odds.

Anderson and Palmer will be firing away every Monday and Friday during the NFL season, so stay tuned!

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