2019 NFL Combine


Expert degenerates Matthew Freedman and Ian Hartitz take a special detour from AAF regular season action to break down the 2019 NFL Combine. Freedman plays the part of surly curmudgeon by dispelling all hope of any all-time individual drills records being broken, but he and Ian instead offer their favorite drills props to bet in the “Underwear Olympics.” The guys break down props for the biggest names in this year’s draft class, including Kyler Murray, Greedy Williams, Nick Bosa, Devin Whtie, D.K. Metcalf and more. All-Time Combine Records (3:02) Best Drills Props to Bet (9:43) Quarterbacks (16:04) Running Backs (20:58) Wide Receivers (23:48) Secondary (28:51) Defensive Line (34:28) Miscellaneous Props (43:00) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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