2019 CFB Win Totals with Bookmaker Matt Lindeman | Action Network Sports Betting Podcast


With just seven weeks before college football's return, host Collin Wilson welcomes on Matt Lindeman, Manager of Trading at Caesars Entertainment, to discuss win totals across every Power 5 conference. First, the guys discuss Matt's meteoric rise in Vegas, a journey that's taken him from ticket writer to one of the most respected minds behind the counter. Both Collin and Matt cover their respective processes for power ranking teams during the long offseason, along with the role experts like Phil Steele play in shading public perception.  Later, Collin and Matt move from the ACC all the way to the Pac-12, covering powerhouses Clemson and Alabama down to juicy also-rans like Oregon State and Kansas. Collin discusses why Oklahoma State's opening number had his full attention, and Matt weighs in with his POV on Michigan vs. Ohio State, Kentucky's long road to respectability, Texas under Tom Herman, and so much more. TIME CODES Matt Lindeman's Back Story (1:50) Power Ranking Process (3:15) ACC (9:15) Big XII (16:20) Big Ten (26:00) SEC (32:40) Pac-12 (37:45)     Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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