2019 CFB Preview: Big Ten with guest Ari Wasserman | Action Network Sports Betting Podcast


In our second Power 5 Conference preview, host Stuckey is joined as always by Collin Wilson to debate the two-horse Big Ten with guest Ari Wasserman of The Athletic. Ohio State and Michigan are once again the favorites to win the conference, so the guys pick side and discuss all the value plays across the landscape, from a Michigan State bounceback to a timeless Rutgers faceplant.  Later, Ari Wasserman of The Athletic join the show. A Buckeye expert, he's been following the Ohio State beat for nine years. He shares his opinion of the new-look team and coaching staff, and gives his take on both their season win total and their chances of beating Michigan once again this season. Our guys will return next week with more conference previews, as the countdown to Week 0 draws even closer! TIME CODES Minnesota (4:40) Iowa (10:00) Nebraska (11:45) Purdue (15:30) Wisconsin (18:00) Northwestern (21:00) Ari Wasserman Interview (24:50) Ohio State (42:40) Michigan (46:30) MSU (53:00) Penn State (55:50) Maryland (58:15) Indiana (1:01:00) Rutgers (1:05:00) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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