2019 CFB Preview: ACC (Atlantic Clemson Conference) | Action Network Sports Betting Podcast


Referred to by our host Stuckey as the "Atlantic Clemson Conference," the champion of this group seems like a no-brainer this season. But together with Collin Wilson, he goes up and down the eastern seaboard to preview everything from the rebuilding Louisville Cardinals to the (potentially) restored Florida State Seminoles.   The show starts with a preview of Duke, a team that breaks in a new signal-caller with the departure of Daniel Jones to the foundering New York Giants. We also get a surprising amount of Pitt Panthers love from Collin, who sees them taking their division by surprise under new OC Mark Whipple.   Later, the guys talk Syracuse regression, Wake Forest unpredictability, Georgia Tech's rebirth and so much more, before wrapping up with Heisman odds and their best bets of the ACC.    Stayed tuned later this week for our Pac-12 preview, followed by the SEC to kick off next week.   TIME CODES Duke (2:30) UNC (6:50) Pitt (12:24) UVA (18:10) GT (22:45) VT (27:45) Miami (32:20) Clemson (40:00) Syracuse (41:00) NC St (43:20) BC (45:50) Wake Forest (48:50) Louisville (52:00) FSU (56:20) Heisman Odds (1:03:20)    Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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